ARKS Diyar Inaugural Cup

Three school teams and one football academy commenced the inaugural ARKS Diayr Cup today at Abdul Rahman Kanoo School Diyar (ARKS Diyar). The newest education facility to be opened in Diyar sits on a plot size over 26,000 sqm and will have the capacity to support 2000 students when open at full capacity.

ARKS Diyar will be operational from the 28th of August 2022, and the tournament was a way to test out the FIFA certified football pitches and the schools four multiple purpose courts. Fifty children from British School Bahrain (BSB), Capital School, Liger Academy and Abdulrahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS) took part in the event which was run in conjunction with 24N Football, for which Mr. Sean Brereton commented that the pitch is the “best 7 a side football pitch in Bahrain”.

Every participant received a medal after the two-hour competition. Winning order:

  • 1st  British School of Bahrain
  • 2nd ARKIS
  • 3rd Liger Academy and Capital School

Many thanks to all the support staff, students, parents and coaches in attendance. Special thanks to Costa Coffee who provided food and refreshments during the event.  Twilight Tours of the campus were available for potential parents looking at seeing the facilities and being able to ask questions to the well versed Admissions Team. Mrs. Charlotte Henningsen, one of the tournament organisers from Abulrahman Education Group noted, “We are looking forward to more tournaments and all the potential events that will be able to take place at this state of the art, multipurpose campus. The competition was the first of many being held at ARKS Diyar, as a way of introducing the school to the community.”