ARKS signs Solar Panels Agreement with CleanMax

Today at Abdulrahman Kanoo School Diyar (ARKS), the schools Board of Trustees (BOT) signed a further agreement to enhance its belief in being innovative within education and continuing to support the late Founders, vision. This agreement will add a further layer to the already existing practices already existing within ARKS. This includes the recycling of paper and plastic collection, school’s paperless policy and utilsiing the HVAC systems condensation drain water, to support the maintenance of the greenery and landscape.

In the presence of the BOT and senior leadership of CleanMax, a 25 year agreement was signed between ARKS and CleanMax, with the completion of the project being ready for the next academic year. It will foster ideas, initiatives and teaching opportunities for our students, along with specific shading. Approximately 500 kWp will be generated per hour via the solar panels, such a system is expected to generate a total of 851, 700 kWh units of electricity in the first year. Going solar reduces ARKS CO2 emissions by 384 tons annually which is equivalent to removing 81 cars off the roads of Bahrain or planting 4,650 palm trees, annually.

Speaking on behalf of the school, Mr. (Eng) Nicky Shaji notes, “All these missions and initiatives should contribute as much as possible to nurture our future generation to succeed in their academic side and also, they should focus their responsibilities towards our mother nature. We want to be an example to our students and our community to demonstrate our responsibility to conserve and contribute our best effort on our part to ensure that our future generations have a place to live peacefully without fully exploiting our natural resources. Therefore, as an ARKS family we are happy to announce that we are the first school on the island to focus entirely on renewable energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint.”

In Picture:
Chairman of Abdulrahman Kanoo Education Group Tariq Kanoo signs Mr Ali Kanoo- Chairman of Kanoo Industry and Energy.