House Point System

Abdulrahman Kanoo School Diyar(ARKS), piloted its first House Point System last year (2022/23), with both staff and students supporting the programme. Based on the core values, this programme is a common feature in many schools, with each house typically named after a person, place, or concept. At ARKS the primary colours were named specifically after important characteristics of the Kingdom:
Dhow, Oryx, Palm and Pearl.
House Teams are formed during the admission process and selection is done at random. Each house consists of students from Nursery to Year 6, with the purpose of fostering a sense of camaraderie, healthy competition, and community spirit among students. Engaging in various activities throughout the school year; such as sports competitions, academic quizzes, cultural events, community service projects, and fundraising initiatives. These activities provide opportunities for students to collaborate, develop leadership skills, and build positive relationships with their peers. In addition to promoting a sense of belonging and school pride, “House Teams often contribute to the overall school culture and promote healthy competition and sportsmanship among students. They can also provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and abilities in various areas, such as athletics, arts, or academics.” notes Ms. Yelena Head of PE across ARKIS & ARKS Diyar.
Being part of a team offers numerous benefits and can have a positive impact on personal and professional development. Here are some key reasons why being in a team is important:
Ø  Collaboration and Cooperation
Ø  Diverse Perspectives and Skills
Ø  Learning and Growth
Ø  Support and Motivation
Ø  Accountability and Responsibility
Ø  Enhanced Problem-Solving
Ø  Building Relationships and Networking
Ø  Skills Development
Ø  Conflict Resolution and Adaptability

Overall, School House Teams play a significant role in fostering a sense of community, teamwork, and friendly competition within a school environment. In various aspects of life, whether in education, sports, or the workplace, being part of a team offers numerous advantages.